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Asphalt Paving - Repair and Installation

Whether you are commercial business or residential customer looking to increase curb appeal, increase the value of your property, manage water, or simply lessen your overall property maintenance requirements; Gallant Grader Service Inc. and Mass Pavement Reclamation, Inc. are here for you. We will provide you the guidance and assistance needed to ensure you receive a long-lasting and durable asphalt surface for years to come.   

What Sets Us Apart?

Simply put; we don't just pave driveways. We are a full-service excavation, site development, and paving company. We can handle any job large or small, complicated or uncomplicated. Most importantly, we provide clear, concise, and continuous communication and management throughout the duration of the project and equally importantly; in to the future. 

We specialize in large and/or potentially complicated jobs as we have the experienced personnel and equipment to handle such tasks. This is important for many reasons but most directly related to efficiency, and ultimately; cost. Small jobs that are performed with oversized equipment can often be more destructive; causing more collateral damage and more finish work at the end of the project. At the same time, large or complicated jobs performed by inexperienced crews or with inadequate equipment can simply create many potential missteps, project delays, and increased costs. Whatever the project, we are equipped to handle your needs.


Items We'll Never Overlook

Did you know that much more important than what you can see is what you actually can't see?  Often, paving jobs are judged by how they look to the eye once the project is complete. This is only one small factor which leads to many of the following being overlooked; especially, if "landing the job" depends solely on price! We will never cut these corners even if it means losing a job. The durability and longevity of our work combined with the perpetual satisfaction of all of our customers is most important. 

Paving Sidewalk Norwell Complete.jpg
Reclamation Old Main.jpg

1. To Remove, Reclaim, or Overlay?:

This first important step will likely have the most influence on the following; 1. Durability and Longevity of your new asphalt surface and, 2. Up-front Cost. The answer to this question directly relates to existing conditions and technically, should never be determined by the up-front cost as the cost of repairs and maintenance could far exceed the initial cost if performed correctly. That said, not every asphalt surface needs complete reconstruction. We will work with you to determine the best options which may include:

  • Preparing and overlaying the existing asphalt with a new wearing course (top layer).

  • Removal of the existing surface (asphalt, concrete, brick, stone, etc.) with minor corrections to the items listed in steps 2 and 3 followed by the installation of a completely new asphalt surface (binder and top courses).

  • Reclamation and in-place recycling of the exist asphalt surface and gravel base, re-grading/sloping, followed by the installation of a completely new asphalt surface (binder and top courses).

  • Full excavation of unsuitable materials and replacement using appropriate aggregates, followed by proper grading and sloping and new asphalt installation (as described above). In rare cases, depending upon soil conditions, continuous presence of water, etc. stabilization materials/fabric or a geo-grid system may be necessary or beneficial to ensure the stability or longevity of your asphalt surface. 

2. Proper Subgrade/Subbase Preparation:

You likely never imagined that the most important part of your new asphalt surface is actually the subbase. The subbase provides a stable surface to support new pavement. The subbase also serves as the frost barrier to help reduce winter damage due to freezing and thawing. During the installation, base thickness, stability, and compaction are essential steps. If the subbase is not appropriately compacted, the asphalt surface on top will not provide years of durability. In the event the subbase is found to be suspect, we will work with you to create the plan of action to protect your investment.

3. Proper Grading and Sloping:

Proper water drainage is vital to your asphalt because water (whether seen or not) is one of the most major causes of damage including potholes, cracks, and heaving. Using lasers, automatic motor graders with laser slope control, the Gallant Grader Service and Mass Pavement Reclamation team grades the surface to be paved to ensure that water will run-off appropriately.

Ashpalt Services Offered

Paving Sidewalk Rockland.JPG

Sidewalks and Curbing
Commercial and residential installation of asphalt sidewalks, concrete, or granite curbing.

Paving Abington Shared Use Path.jpg
Paving Abington Glinowiecz.jpg

Driveways and Parking Areas
Commercial and Residential driveway & parking area installation.

Paving Beaver Dam 2.jpg

10,500 SF residential driveway with 400' x 11' driveway entrance and turn-around. 

Paving Old Main.jpg

Roadway Reconstruction & Paving
This project consisted of an intersection re-alignment, Full Depth Reclamation, milling, and overlay of existing asphalt.

Paving Braintree Parking Lot Binder.jpg

Commercial Parking Lots
This project consisted excavation of a large grass field, layout and installation of the parking lot and bioswales, and paving.

East Fields - 600' ADA Compliant Path Project Gallery

At the end; its all about the details!

We will always ensure the project is completed to the highest standards and all elements of the job are completed as agreed.

All seems and joints will be appropriately compacted, tacked, and sanded.

If you don't have a dedicated or a favorite landscaper, we will be there to ensure the edges are backed-up and dressed with an appropriate material (loam, stone, wood chips, etc.). And, if any concrete, stone, brick, or cobble walkways need to be addressed; we can take care of that too!

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