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Family-owned and operated for more than 50 years!  

Gallant is a name that’s been associated with quality service and craftsmanship in Southern New England since 1963. My father, Jim (or "Mr. Grader" as he was known), founded the original Gallant Grader Service. I grew up working with him and watching him build relationships and expertise in this industry across the South Shore and beyond.


It was with this legacy that I began to develop my own businesses in 1995. Beginning with general contracting work under Mass Pavement Reclamation, Inc., our team developed the IUOE-licensed Baystate Reclamation, LLC, and has now taken on the Gallant Grader equipment, resources, and namesake. 

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Today, the Gallant Grader Service team has over 30 years of experience! And, with over 30 highly skilled team-members, we provide best-in-class work for the municipalities, organizations, contractors, and individual customers that depend on us.


We look forward to working with you and bringing your projects to reality.

— Mike Gallant, Owner

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Although MassDOT pre-qualification is only required for municipal work, the benefit serves commercial and residential customers alike.

The pre-qualification process helps to create a pool of contractors that have the quality, capacity and ability to perform work on projects of a particular size and complexity. It also generally eliminates contractors with a history of litigation, claims, and/or performance failures. 

All reasons combined, it means the contractor you have hired for a task for which they are pre-qualified are not doing a project of that size, cost, or complexity for the first time at your home or business.

Mass Pavement Reclamation, Inc. carries all required insurances to include worker's compensation and liability and has the stability and creditworthiness to be bonded for all such municipal projects.  

Areas of MassDOT Prequalification

  • Drainage - Roadway and Recreational facility drainage. Pipes, catch-basins, manholes, castings, pump stations, etc. 

  • Highway/Bike Paths - Construction/reconstruction of shared use paths for pedestrians and bicycles. Includes drainage systems, roadway crossings & traffic control, railroad grade crossings, paving, striping, landscaping and signage

  • Highway/Construction - Construction and reconstruction of single or multi-lane roadway facilities. Includes traffic control, clearing and grubbing, layout, excavation, grading, borrow installation and compaction, curbs and sidewalks, drainage systems, sewer and water systems, utility installation, railroad grade crossings, roadway crossings including signal installation, paving, striping, landscaping and signage.

  • Highway/Sidewalks & Curbing - Construction, repair and reconstruction of sidewalks and curbing. Includes cement, asphalt, & architectural finishes such as brick or cobblestone; granite curb; asphalt curb; and handicap access ramps. 

  • Pavement/Reclamation - Automated removal and replacement, in place, of a full asphalt pavement section and a predetermined portion of the underlying materials, uniformly crushing, pulverizing, or blending the material into a stabilized base course.


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